Exhibit Opportunities

Interested in becoming an exhibitor at the 2019 Snow Show?

Why Sponsor or Exhibit at the 2019 Snow Show?

Sponsoring or exhibiting at the 2019 Snow is a prime opportunity to expose key industry players and decision makers to your products and services. The event is a cost-effective way to build brand recognition and demonstrate industry commitment. For example:

Market Exposure.

Sponsors and exhibitors receive extensive onsite exposure, as well as through digital and print promotions. Leading up to the event, this powerful combination drives your brand to thousands of snow and ice management professionals, as well as onsite attendees.

Strengthen Relationships.

Meet face-to-face with key industry decision makers who drive market perceptions and decisions that affect your company, technology, products and services. The schedule allows ample time for networking and real conversations about the issues that affect professionals throughout this dynamic growth market.